• Şengün & Partners Avukatlık Ortaklığı

    Şengün & Partners analyzes the sector, commercial volume and internal systems so that its Clients do not encounter any disputes, and determines the most appropriate “tailor-made” preventive mechanisms for their Clients; and provides a wide range of services with the vision of developing a preventive law.

  • Şengün & Partners Global

    Şengün & Partners determines a strategy in which material and moral damage will not be at all or at a minimum level in all disputes of its clients; provides solutions to disputes not only in terms of what needs to be done in the traditional sense, but also within the framework of a strategic plan, through the legal services it will provide during the settlement or mediation negotiations and during the proceedings.

  • Şengün & Partners Akademi

    Şengün & Partners assumes a legally leading and guiding role in line with the goals they want to achieve and the goals they want to achieve, and acts as a true companion for their clients.

  • Şengün & Partners Avukatlık Ortaklığı Ofis

    Şengün & Partners provides all necessary international collaborations for its clients that operate or plan to operate globally; and in this context, hascooperations with foreign law offices and patent - registration institutions in many cities around the globe insignificant global trade and cooperation locations.

  • Şengün & Partners Hukuk Bürosu

    Şengün & Partners also has loyal collaborations with some global offices serving abroad. On the other hand, it does not receive instructions, suggestions or advice from any institution or person, it is independent and makes all decisions with its own internal mechanism.

  • Şengün & Partners Avukatlık

    Şengün & Partners has a structure that renews and updates itself. It established Şengün Academy in order to have a dynamic counterpart of this discourse. In this way, it aims to build a structure that updates itself not only in the field of law, but also in the field of global trade or the methods used in the era of communication, improving itself while updating.

  • Ataşehir Hukuk Bürosu

    In addition to providing legal services, Şengün & Partners also provides services with its Alternative unit in some areas that have proven its identity with the law and are often difficult for companies to carry out.

“Our lawyers have efficient and qualified knowledge and always aspire to work with principle and integrity through internalization of modern legal philosophy and attorneyship ethics.”
Nedim Korhan Şengün

Şengün & Partners Avukatlık Ortaklığı Hakkında

Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership; was founded by Nedim Korhan Şengün, Attorney at Law, in 1990 in Istanbul. The law firm was named as Şengün & Şengün and Partners Law firm which was later registered as Şengün Attorney Partnership.

It has become one of the leading law firms which provides high quality legal services to its clients, pursuant to its experience and knowledge gained due to the work it carried out in various fields of law, since its foundation.

Şengün Attorney Partnership currently offers legal consultancy and advocacy services in a wide range of areas to many local and foreign clients and works together with its strong solution partners both throughout the country and abroad, with an aim to provide the most convenient legal solutions to its clients in the most diligent way.

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