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The legal world is a very broad world for the clients or potential clients, and in line with this extensive scope, they think they have to deal with costs that they do not want to pay.

However, obtaining legal services is also a necessity for the commercial world. However, a business owner may not want to establish a permanent corporate consultancy relationship with a law firm. He may only want to get some legal serviceson contract basis for some essential agreement processes.

Or they may want to have Due Diligence services in business acquisitions.

Or they may not prefer to continue a long litigation process only with a same lawyer. They may want to get attorney services in certain step of the litigation procedure. They may want to get services on a subject that requires specialization and certain expertisefrom another lawyer, law office or institution.

All of these services may also want to be agile, cost-effective and qualified.

Such services are provided by the Alternative Department in our Group. Alternative Law services have a significant share globally, especially in Anglo-American legal world.

We are the first Lawyers Group implementing it in our country.

The examples of the services are given below without limitation.

1-Law of Contracts

Although contracts, as one of the basic elements of law, are defined as legal texts embodying the agreement of the will of the parties, it is not always easy to maintain a balance of interests between the parties. With our expert staff in the field, we prepare contracts for you to minimize the risks you may encounter, and provide the necessary revision support by making legal examinations of your existing contracts.

2-Competition Law Measures

In competition law, where legal entities and even real persons working within a legal entity are subject to certain sanctions by law, we control your company's responsibilities and the internal mechanisms that must be established in order to minimize the risk within the scope of the requirements of the competition law legislation, and provide preventive and protective legal consultancy services. Also, we aim to take necessary measures by raising general awareness with conceptual and holistic competition law trainings that we will give to your employees within the company.

3-Auditing the Management Bodies of Legal Entities

We carry out the necessary work on your behalf to ensure that the decision mechanisms of the management bodies of your corporations, the board of directors and the general assemblies, for and on behalf of you, to audit their compliance with applicable requirements andperformance of the obligations, in accordance with the legislations. At this point, we identify the problems that you may encounter in advance and enable you to take the decisions of your organs in this direction, while we also produce the necessary legal solutions to the existing problems.

4- Company Establishment

We carry out the necessary process for all kinds of legal entity establishment transactions, especially joint stock, limited, limited and individual, and provide all kinds of legal support you need throughout the establishment process; We also provide legal support in the processes of changing the field of activity, capital increase and capital reduction and all kinds of amendments to the articles of association, including but not limited to.

5- Merger, Acquisitionand Due Diligence

We carry out all kinds of legal processes regarding the sale and transfer of public and private companies, division of companies, transfer and assignment of part of companies or their asset values, and provide the necessary legal support to minimize the risks that are highly likely to be encountered in the market.

6- Insurance Policy Negotiations

We determine the legal validity of your policies, which are the cornerstones of the insurance sector, which has a very large volume, the balance of interests, the revisions that will be necessary in accordance with your company's demands, and we determine the policy that is most suitable for your company and will protect your legal interests in the best way possible, in consultation with you.

7- Legal Document Review and Reporting

In the management of a legal process, we aim to provide the maximum legal benefit from the document to the process by examining and reporting all kinds of legal documents that have an impact on the process. According to the subject of the legal document requested for review, we subject the document to a multi-faceted legal review by our expert lawyers and report the information we obtain as a result of the review with our legal techniques specific to our office.

8- Brand Review and Branding Process Management

Within the scope of Trademark Patent law, we provide all kinds of legal support you will need during the necessary process in the creation of brand values with the legal reviews we carry out, taking into account brand loyalty, brand awareness and brand associationsas the elements of brand value.

9- Survey Process Management

We provide one-on-one support to the whole process with our expert lawyers specialized in the field of the dispute, and we personally carry out all kinds of legal actions and transactions so that the possible survey results can have a beneficial effect on the dispute.

10- Legal Field Research

In all kinds of legal field research requirements, we do the necessary research using our experienced research methods and prepare the final reports.

11- Case Support

With our lawyersexpert lawyers specialized in the field of the specific litigation, we carry out the court processes of the case files prepared in line with the defense strategies they have determined and the defenses to be made against the lawsuits, and we ensure the follow-up of the case files before the first degree, second degree and higher degree judicial authorities.

12- Investigation Support

We provide all the necessary legal support by our expert lawyers throughout the investigation processduring all investigations initiated by the competent authorities.

These examples are not exhaustive, and the necessary representation or support is provided specifically for any stage of the examples given above.

If you submit your contact details and the subject you need help for in the relevant sections, a Lawyer fromour Alternative Department will call you…