Competition Law

Competition Law

Şengün & Partners offers legal consultation on preventive and protective measures within the rules of Competition Law in order prevent; agreements, decisions and practices that might hinder, disrupt or limit competition within the free market economy, abuse of dominance and unfair competition.

While our law firm closely follows the decisions of the Competition Authority, it also provides legal services based on competition rules and regulations in all kinds of competition review procedures that their clients may face.

In order to respond to possible problems within the field of competition, it’s important for private law actors to be informed on the rules of competition and conduct its operations in accordance to these rules in their relations with their competitors, customers and suppliers. Our law firm gives support to its clients in implementing company policies in this scope.

Recent developments in Competition Law sets the guideline for vertical agreements between companies, share transfer agreements, mergers and take-over operations which are evaluated in the scope of competition law and are finalized in accordance to regulations.

Meanwhile our law firm provides advocacy in investigations conducted by the Competition Authority, handles lawsuits filed against the decisions of the Competition Authority and provides the necessary litigation services in this respect.