Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership; was founded by Nedim Korhan Şengün, Attorney at Law, in 1990 in Istanbul. The law firm was named as Şengün & Şengün and Partners Law firm which was later registered as Şengün Attorney Partnership.

It has become one of the leading law firms which provides high quality legal services to its clients, pursuant to its experience and knowledge gained due to the work it carried out in various fields of law, since its foundation.

Şengün Attorney Partnership currently offers legal consultancy and advocacy services in a wide range of areas to many local and foreign clients and works together with its strong solution partners both throughout the country and abroad, with an aim to provide the most convenient legal solutions to its clients in the most diligent way.

For this purpose, Şengün Attorney Partnership closely follows up on national and international legal, political, economic and financial developments and keeps its practice up to date with the latest conjuncture. Following this approach in operational issues, prevents chaos arising out of abstract legal theories which provides its clients with the most practical and efficient legal solutions.

Şengün Attorney Partnership analyses the changing legal world with various in-house and external training practices and makes use of these experience in settlement of the legal problems of its clients.

Şengün Attorney Partnership, positively contributes to its domestic practice by following up on changes within the legal system of continental Europe through numerous professional memberships and conferences.

The firm provides high quality legal services to its domestic and international clients through its legal experience acquired in various fields such as Corporate Law, Personal and Collective Employment Law, Transport and Insurance Law, Law of Contracts, Commercial Law, Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Venture, Capital Market Law, Privatization Law, Foreign Investment Law, Banking and Financial Law, Criminal Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy (and Concordat) Law, Real Property and Construction Law, Tourism Law, Energy and Mining Law, Information Technologies Law, Press and Media Law, Consumer Law.

The ever growing firm continues its client-oriented services by renewing its practice areas without any concessions from the main philosophy of procurement of perfectionist legal consultation.

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