Şengün & Partners Academy

The word innovation is not enough, because the upcoming process will be the age of constant change.

Every institution is on alert rather than watching to meet the new era, the content of some valuable concepts should be rewritten, and the applications of those whose content may remain the same should be recreated.

Technology and communication channels are renovated rapidly. Production types and consumption styles are changing. Everything is happening in front of the eyes of the world and of course the Lawyers.

Classical legal services have to internalize the concepts and practices of the Finance, Technology and Communication world. However, all these efforts are changing the traditional Attorneyship models while renewing the world of Lawyers.

While advocacy practices progress in very different sectors, it monitors and supervises the movements of corporate structures, and even contributes to strategic management models by synthesizing legal policies with corporate governance strategies.

Institutions must be able to analyze every innovation and movement, both internal and external, and have to walk in a clear or flexible strategy setup beyond analysis so that they survive and develop in the conditions of increasing competition.

It is required to establish, reconstruct and execute these very important concepts including strategy, tactics, vision, mission, organization and management in order to achieve the goal.

From the perspective of strategic management, it is necessary to monitor and analyze not only technological developments, but also politics, law, economy and socio-cultural world.

Without taking a thorough look at all the factors, it is not possible to pave the way for applications that are essential for the realization of goals such as growth, savings, marketing, and budget.

Our law office has been working in coordination with the senior management of institutions working in different sectors for a very long time. Our company does not only provide traditional legal services, but also provides high-level contributions in the formation of management strategies.

This department was established for strategic management studies and aims to contribute to Institutions by combining the experience accumulation of the past with the energy of the new.

When you contact us for Strategic Management studies, all kinds of contributions and information will be shared with you, and you will be actively involved in the establishment-review processes.