Nedim Korhan Şengün, M.A.

Nedim Korhan Şengün, M.A.

Founding Partner

Attorney at Law

Nedim Korhan Şengün M.A. started his own practice in 1990. He worked as an expert in Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works at the beginning of his profession. He advised other trade unions of DISK in various processes. In the following years, he participated in collective bargaining agreements with different trade unions as the representative of various employers at every stage from the starting date of the negotiations to the signing of the contract.

Currently Mr. Şengün consults, including but not limited to, asset management companies, factoring companies, media companies, outdoor advertising, automotive, transportation, insurance brokerage companies.

He is the legal counsel and a board member for a major media group and he focuses on its Radio and Television Supreme Council process. He is also the legal counsel of a company engaged in outdoor advertising and also a member of its Board of Directors.

Meanwhile, N. Korhan Şengün M.A. is the legal counsel of a reputable automotive company and also currently represents his clients for their collective bargaining agreement process. He provides consultancy to investment funds and is also an attorney of a major foreign fund operating in Turkey.

Nedim Korhan Şengün M.A. also worked in the field of international transportation law and participated as a speaker at seminars in this field. He provides legal services in the fields of transportation and private insurance law. In addition to other legal fields Mr. Şengün, specifically, consults his clients for Individual and Collective Labor Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Banking and Finance Law, Transportation and Private Insurance Law, Capital Markets Law, Competition Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property Law.

Nedim Korhan Şengün M.A. provides legal and corporate consultancy services to his clients in various fields in person. Mr. Şengün continues practicing law as the founding and managing partner of Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership.


Istanbul University, Faculty of Law

Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Journalism and Public Relations


Istanbul Bar Association


Turkish, English

E-mail: [email protected]